Upgrade The Appearance of Your Place of Business

Upgrade The Appearance of Your Place of Business

We install tinted windows

There's a long list of reasons to tint your windows. The Wrap Shop applies tinting to vehicles and storefronts, and our work includes a two- to three-year warranty. If you're a business owner, you can count on our window perforation and window graphics services for a great advertising solution. These decals can be seen from the outside while keeping the view from the inside unobstructed.

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Learn the benefits of window tinting

Tinting is an easy way to upgrade the windows of your vehicle or workplace. The benefits of tinting include:

  • Increased privacy - It's harder to see into tinted windows
  • Decreased glare - tinting helps block out UV rays
  • Improved comfort - tinting will reduce the heat transmitted through your windows

We're happy to answer any question you may have about tinting. Call today to get assistance from vehicle wrap professionals.